Anxious Mama Dog Who Was Chained To An Abandoned Factory Couldn’t Produce Milk To Feed Her Babies

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When a man was cleaning up an abandoned wood factory near his house, he suddenly heard some faint cries coming from a nearby corner.

After looking around the place, the man saw a little pup hiding something. Upon further inspection, he realized that the cries were actually coming from her babies as she had just given birth!

The man, seeing that the mama dog wasn’t doing too well, immediately contacted animal rescuers and informed them of the situation.

Help Is On The Way

When rescuers arrived, it was clear to them that this little family really needed his help.

The mama wasn’t looking too good. She was extremely malnourished and had overgrown and tangled fur. However, the worst part was that she had a chain around her neck, preventing her from finding food for her babies.

The rescuer couldn’t bear to see her in such a condition outside in the freezing cold, so he quickly grabbed a box, lined it with grass, and carefully placed her babies inside it before unchaining her.

But, the Mama dog didn’t really trust the hooman, and because he didn’t want to startle her, the rescuer decided to let her get to know them a bit more before moving her and her babies.

Starting a little fire, he sat next to her and started speaking to her in a calm and soothing voice, trying to win over her trust.

The rescuer realized that the babies were extremely hungry, and after checking her up, he realized that the mama dog wasn’t giving any milk because she was starving.

He immediately ran to the store to buy some food so that she could fill up her belly and she could finally be able to feed her pups. And, as soon as he placed some kibble into a bowl, she heard the yummy food, ran to it, and started eating.

After finishing her meal, she ran back into the box and lay next to her children, allowing them to eat as well.

Even though the rescuer thought that she would finally trust him, the mama dog still seemed anxious and refused to leave. The rescuer respected her wishes, made a fire that would keep them warm the entire night, and promised to come back in the morning.

Never Give Up

When the determined hooman came back the next morning, the mama dog greeted him with a huge smile on her face.

As he set up her breakfast, she ran to enjoy her meal, allowing the man to check up on her babies.

Unfortunately, he was left heartbroken. Only one of the four puppies had made it through the night.

Hoping to keep it alive, the rescuer decided to bring the puppy home with him and provide it with proper care.

When they got home, he gathered all the supplies he needed and began feeding it multiple times throughout the day, ensuring that it had everything it needed to grow up big and strong.

After one week, the pup began to grow and was able to visit his mama who stayed at the wood factory. And, as soon as the two met again, she embraced her baby and, because she also got so much better, started to nurse it.

Seeing that she was finally healthy enough to care for her child, the man decided that the puppy was safe again with her mother and that he no longer had to take it home.

But, he still came back every single day to bring them food and make sure that they had everything they needed.

New Chapter

As time passed, the mama dog’s trust in the hooman grew bigger and bigger. She finally allowed him to take her and the puppy away from the factory and into his warm and loving home.

The man was overjoyed, and he happily prepared everything!

Five weeks later, the rescuer came across an abandoned litter of puppies whom he had to bring home with him. At first, he wasn’t really sure if the mama and her puppy would like their new guests, but after some time, they all became super close!

The four new puppies loved playing with the puppy and the mama dog would happily watch over them.

It wasn’t long before she adopted all four of them, which meant that she now had five adorable puppies!

In no time, this incredible litter grew up big and strong, and the hooman, as well as their mama, couldn’t be happier.

I am sure that, once the time is right, each and every one of these pups will find a loving forever home that will give them a life full of fun, joy, and love. But, for the time being, they will remain with this incredible hooman who truly saved their lives.

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