Entire Neighborhood In Pennsylvania Decided To Show Up At This Sick Dog’s Final Walk As A Sign Of Respect

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How do you say goodbye to your dying dog? And, how can you even prepare yourself when the inevitable comes? These are the never-ending questions that all dog owners deal with at a certain point in their life, but very few know the exact answer…

The most heartbreaking story comes from Dupont, Pennsylvania, where dog owner, Kevin Curry, prepares to say his last words to his loving dog, Mellow.

This rescue dog was recently diagnosed with terminal cancer and Kevin decided to give Mellow a chance for a decent farewell with his neighbors one last time before he leaves them for good.

Mellow’s Last Goodbye To Neighbors

Mellow has been a good Pennsylvanian boy for the last seven years. Unfortunately, he has been diagnosed with lymphoma, a terminal cancer, and he hasn’t much time left in this world.

“He has lymphoma B-cell. Ultimately, either later this month or early next month would be his last time with us,” said Kevin Curry, Mellow’s owner.

Despite being devastated by the news, Kevin decided to appreciate every second with his loving buddy. As Mellow was truly loved by his neighbors, Kevin came up with the most beautiful idea ever!

He decided to give Mellow a chance to say his last goodbye to the neighbors one last time before he’s put to eternal sleep.

“Thank You For Making My Life So Good”

Kevin wrote a letter in Mellow’s name and posted it all over the neighborhood. The letter was actually Mellow’s last message to his loving buddies who always showed him affection and love whenever he was passing by their homes.

Mellow ‘invited’ his neighbors to the face-to-face goodbye on Saturday afternoon, June 3rd, hoping to see them all!

“While I still can, I will be marching around the neighborhood on Saturday, June 3rd, from 7-8 PM, and would love to say goodbye to you face-to-face if you are available. Come out to pat me on the head or rub my belly and I will be forever grateful,” it is said in the letter.

The reaction of the people of Dupont was heart-melting! Dozens of people showed up on the streets to see and pet Mellow one last time before euthanization!

You can just tell by Mellow’s facial expression that he was so content to be around all of them! Despite his condition, he showed no signs of being exhausted or depressed! He was just a happy boy who savored every moment of his farewell party!

In a way, it was as if he was indeed saying the words from the letter: “I am so grateful to have such caring neighbors and live in a community that looks out for one another so well.”

Not Just A Man’s Best Friend, But The Whole Town’s Bestie

It was an emotional Saturday afternoon for everyone! There were both tears and joy, but the celebration of Mellow’s life prevailed! Kevin was just so happy to see that his dog is going away with the nicest memories he could possibly get!

“It was just amazing to see the community come together like that. He loved every minute of it,” said one of the neighbors.

With Mellow gone, Kevin’s not gonna walk as much through the neighborhood as he used to.

He will definitely need some time to process Mellow’s departure, but we truly hope that he will always remember Mellow through the lens of that beautiful Saturday afternoon, his tiny little quirks, and his beautiful smiles.

Godspeed, Mellow. You will be remembered forever!

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