Fearful Pittie Lived Her Entire Life In The Woods Until She Met Someone Who Spent Months Regaining Her Trust

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Unfortunately, not every doggo gets to live a life of love and comfort.

A lot of them are destined to live in very harsh conditions with no affection and warmth, forced to fend for themselves by eating scraps and drinking rainwater.

And, even when these pups finally get saved by a loving hooman, it takes them a very long time to finally realize that they mean no harm to them and are only there to help.

One such doggo was a beautiful PitBull named Ruby who, after spending her life in a forest, was very hesitant to trust a hooman who wanted to help her.

Doggo In The Woods

When a woman by the name of MaryAnne came across a full-grown dog living all by herself in the woods, she was completely heartbroken when she saw the state she was in.

The pup, Ruby, was so malnourished that her bones became fully visible.

She tried to approach her and take her in, but Ruby only allowed her to give her a couple of pets before disappearing into the woods again.

“I knew there was no way she was going to make it through the winter as small as she was,” MaryAnne told The Dodo.

Not having much time, MaryAnn was determined to gain the trust of this fearful dog and help her gain some weight before the freezing winter.  

One Step At A Time

From the day she found her, MaryAnn started going into the woods every single day for weeks, bringing Ruby some yummy food and letting her know that there was nothing to be afraid of.

However, Ruby would only approach her so that she could take the food. As soon as she grabbed it, she would go back to her “safe place”, as MaryAnn puts it.

As spring arrived, MaryAnn started noticing progress, but it wasn’t until early summer that she managed to get her out of the woods.

“It took a few months to get her to come to me day after day,” she said.

This determined dog rescuer was ecstatic when she saw that Ruby gathered the courage to come all the way to her backyard in order to get her yummy meal.

And, after that, she was even able to sit with her for about twenty minutes, speaking to her in a very calm and sweet voice.

MaryAnn’s new goal was to put a collar around her head, and luckily, that proved to be much easier.

“I think she was starting to feel like a dog. She was beginning to finally realize what love was,” stated MaryAnn.

Finally, Ruby started to have fun.

Feeling Like A Puppy

As her past life was very unfortunate, Ruby never got to live a life of fun and happiness, and therefore, she had no idea what a ball was.

MaryAnn would spend days with her, throwing a ball at her and waiting for the moment when Ruby would realize what she was actually supposed to do with it.

After a couple of days, Ruby caught on and became the happiest dog ever!

She loved spending time chasing her new favorite toy and begging her hooman to throw it again. And, at that moment, Ruby came out of her shell.

She would stand at the edge of the woods, waiting for MaryAnn to come out and call her name so that her day could truly begin.

However, she was still hesitant to come inside the house.

“She had so many of her followers asking me just to grab her and bring her inside. She just wasn’t that kind of dog. She still was very fearful of force and enclosures. She needed to do this on her own time,” she added.

On the day Ruby finally came inside the house, MaryAnn couldn’t contain her excitement. not only because of this small gesture but also because such a fearful dog let her inside her heart and understood that she only wanted to help.

Final Word

Ruby wasn’t the only one saved in this story. Providing her with the love and affection she deserved all along, MaryAnn found a sense of purpose in her life.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank MaryAnn for never giving up and being so patient with Ruby, and I am so happy that everything ended the way it was supposed to.

Being an animal rescuer truly is one of the most fulfilling jobs out there, and if you would like to feel an indescribable warmth inside of your heart, please head down to your local shelter and offer a helping hand.

I promise you will not regret it.

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