Woman Rushed To Shelter To Save A Dog From Euthanasia

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What stray pups wish for the most as they wander the lonely streets is to be noticed by humans and to be taken somewhere safe. They long to feel the gentle touch of a human hand and feel loved and cared for like they truly deserve.

After they are rescued and taken to shelters, all canines hope to find their forever home, snuggle with their humans, and finally find their happiness.

Knowing that in many shelters, senior dogs and dogs who are in poorer health end up on euthanasia lists saddens me deeply.

Noodle was one of those shelter pups who was scheduled to be put down due to his health condition and the fact that nobody wanted to give him a home.

As he lay alone in his kennel the night before his scheduled euthanasia, little did he know that a giant-hearted woman was coming to his rescue.

Saving Noodle’s Life

Noodle was a sweet, stray dog who was brought to the Detroit shelter. He had a degenerative brain disease that caused him to lose consciousness. The condition also caused him to wobble.

While he was at the shelter, his owners didn’t claim him and nobody wanted to give him a home.

Sadly, after Noodle’s stray hold, the vet recommended Noodle to be put down. His euthanasia was scheduled for the next day.

Tiffany Perkins is the founder of PAWS Friend Network, a small sanctuary and a large advocacy network for paraplegic, amputee, wheelchair, and senior shelter dogs. Perkins also gives senior hospice care.

The night she heard about Noodle, she couldn’t sleep. She only thought about him, and in the morning, she rushed to rescue him.

Falling In Love With The Adorable Pup

As soon as she took Noodle to her home in Detroit, she fell in love with him and she knew that he belonged in her home. He was very sweet and affectionate, and the two bonded immediately.

At first, Perkins didn’t know if Noodle would be a hospice case. She showered him with love and she wished to give him the best life possible. 

He got along with her other dog, Luke, and they became best friends. They often cuddled and comforted each other.

Since Noodle was underweight, Perkins assumed that he must have spent weeks living on the streets. She put him on a special diet and he started gaining weight and regaining his strength.

The adorable dog used every opportunity to cover his mom’s face with kisses. 

Perkins learned a lot about Noodle’s disease. His faints were triggered by excitement, and she tried to make his life predictable. She made sure that her pup had a peaceful environment.

Perkins lowered her bed so that her doggo could get in and out on his own.

To keep him relaxed, she got a lower couch and put it towards the window so that Noodle and his brother could look out of the window.

“Seeing him happy and seeing the world out of his window is one of the greatest joys that I’ve ever had in my life.”

Noodle loved watching the rain with his mom and his brother. He felt safe and loved while his mom cuddled him.

Noodle Lives A Happy Life

The affectionate pup often went on walks. Perkins took him to the beach and he loved it. His eyes sparkled with happiness and he had a big smile on his face as he enjoyed the beach view.

Perkins adores Noodle, saying that he reminds her of “the biggest, sweetest marshmallow.”

She credits the affectionate doggo for helping her go through a difficult time in her life. She feels lucky to have Noodle in her life.

“Noodle is such a comfort to me personally… His timing and coming here was so perfect. We were grieving the loss of our previous dog and he really helped heal us through that process. And I think it’s because he’s just so kind and so sweet and just such a such a big teddy bear,” said Perkins.

We’re very thrilled that Noodle found a wonderful forever home. He’s cherished and loved like he deserves.

Huge thanks to Perkins for increasing the visibility of senior and disabled shelter dogs and for giving Noodle the loving home he always dreamed of having.

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